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Gulf Abayas


The black Gulf Abaya has always been unique piece of clothing, as it adds comfort and freedom of movement, and gives the lady a distinctive oriental elegance. Therefore, it has become a distinctive piece for all Arab women, not just the Gulf woman.
And since the black color is what defines the abayas, so most women choose it for their different looks. Black Abaya has always been unique and suitable for everyday wear as well as special occasion’s styles.
So, Asal Readymade Garment Company offering distinctive black abayas, its designs varied, so we saw a black abaya, the edges of which were decorated with golden embroidery in distinctive shapes as well as another abaya was distinguished by its golden and black circular motifs, which gave it a special and classic appeal to suit your formal occasions, and there are other abayas that feature with silver embroidery in the form of leaves, to gives you an elegant classic look.
And since the black color is suitable for all times, you can choose black abayas for your casual looks, such as the abaya that is decorated with colorful floral prints, and others decorated with white embroidery on its sleeves and you can also choose the abaya with a pocket, which gives you elegance and attractive looks.

Features of the Gulf abaya

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