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Asal Abayas

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"We are alone, but we are the best"


Asal Company is one of the leading companies in all abayas types & accessories. Over twenty years of experience in the field.
Abayas are making it in to the fashion world, planting its roots in all Arab and international capitals. It is common to see an Abaya shop London’s shopping streets. Not all black dresses are abayas. Abaya models have 4 distinct styles:



The Saudi Abaya

Considered the original abaya design. Characterized by its dark black color and black embroidery or beads. Previous designs were quite simple: large, free-size abayas. Designers now offer more elegant models.


The Bahraini Abaya

What distinguishes the Bahraini Abaya is the tight belt round the middle. It may be gold or embroidered in various colors. The abaya is wide and not narrow.

The Moroccan Abaya

The Moroccan abaya is relatively a newcomer in the world of abayas. It is a product of the Moroccan caftan. The abaya is black and decorated with colorful fabrics on the edges. It may be wide or narrow depending on the occasion.


The Omani Abaya

The Omani abaya takes on the features of the Omani dress. It features elegant colorful or golden embroidery. It is luxurious and eye-catching.

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